The programme at “Polichni” Guesthouse starts every week on Friday at 15:00 and ends on Monday at 7:00 (learners have the option to stay up to 24 hours? με δυνατότητα επιλογής στο χρόνο παραμονής από 24 ώρες).

Up to five (5) learners can participate in the programme with an appropriate/corresponding number of educators.

The selection of participants every week is based on their particular needs and skills, such as their age, their communication skills and their present functional levels.

We aim to form, as far as possible, a homogeneous group so that the activities in which the group is engaged promote the skills and address the needs of all the participants.

Every participant follows an individualised training programme in Independent Living Skills which is developed according to their specific needs, difficulties and skills in the particular areas: mobility, behaviour, communication, cognitive skills.

In order to reach the agreed goals, methods and approaches which reinforce these skills are employed, where applicable. These are the following:

  • Alternative forms of communication
  • Braille writing system
  • Orientation and Mobility training adapted to the individualized needs of every guest.
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