Our Centre aimsto provide full education to multiply disabled visually-impaired people through the development of a day programme for them, enriched with educational activities.

More specifically, our learners follow an individualized educational programme, which focuses on the development of daily living skills and takes place on a daily basis.


Individual and group therapeutic interventions as well as group activities are included in this individualized programme. Analytically, the following sessions take place: 

special education

occupational therapy

speech and language therapy


music therapy

sport and physical activity/ gymnastics


Our group activities involve the participation of our learners in the workshops held at our Centre:  



Recreational Workshop

Paper Recycling Workshop


Clay Workshop

Sensory Workshop




Apart from the aforementioned sessions, the following programmes are also included:  



Visual Efficiency Skills Programme


Mobility – Orientation

Household Skills

Swimming (outside the centre)

Therapeutic Horseback Riding (outside the centre)




Moreover, our learners participate in outdoor recreation activities by visiting.



environmental / theme parks

recreational areas

shopping malls




However, the services of our Centre do not focus on the education of multiply disabled visually-impaired people only; we also care for the family, as the interaction between education and family is undoubtedly essential.

Therefore, social and psychological services are offered at the “Iris” Day Care Centre on a daily basis intended to support the learners and provide their families with counselling services.