The Early Intervention Programme addresses the needs of infants and preschoolers (0-6 years old) with visual impairment, low vision or any diagnosed visual perception problem.

The aim of the Early Intervention Programme is to take advantage of the child’s skills to the full and to encourage his/her self-reliance.

The programme takes place at the house of every child once a week at a specific day and time and lasts for approximately one and a half hours. The child is engaged in play-based educational activities for 45-60 minutes in the parents’ presence and with their participation, if possible. Parent counselling follows for 30 minutes, during which time the child’s needs are discussed, while information and help is provided so that parents understand the child’s skills and difficulties as well as learning to manage and resolve problems in their relationship with their child.

The children

The children benefiting from this programme constitute a population with a wide range of skills but also difficulties, with many and quite different needs. They might not have any other difficulty or they may have additional difficulties, such as:

  • mobility and neurological problems
  • intellectual disability
  • pervasive developmental disorders
  • behavioural problems etc.

They can be:

  • premature babies
  • children with perinatal injuries or neurological problems or hearing impairment
  • children with vision loss caused by a tumour or a syndrome